Our main service is custom printing for clientele.

Below is a general price list. 

Subject to change. 

This guide will give you a very general idea of a price quote. For a more accurate quote please fill out the form below.


Artwork Guidelines

Artwork for your project should be:

Sized to print for actual dimensions

Sized to print at 300dpi

Color separated (1 file per color)

100% black

Saved as PDF format


If your files are not print-ready, we'll assist with production and separation of the artwork for $30 / hour, with a minimum of 1 hour billed.


Additional Charges

Screen Fee: $25 per screen

Color Change: $10

Flash Fee: $0.30

Graphics: $35/hr (this includes color separation, touch up, art design)

Additional Placements: $1 + additional color $0.50

Specialty Inks: Prices vary


Sample Pricing

Anything under 20 items will be considered sample pricing.

Sample pricing begins at $15 per shirt plus print costs.


For shirt options visit the websites below





Rush Fee

5 days - 10%

4 days - 20%

3 days - 40%

2 days - 50%

Next day - 100%


Minimum deposit of 50% of order is required up front.

Rush orders require full payment up front.

Please allow a 5% margin of error for all orders.


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